JUST Water

Commissioned to design creative visuals for JUST Water, Jaden Smith's sustainable water company.

In this post series, we journey  into A JUST World;  A futuristic fusion of nature, magic and technology.

Elephant Heart 

Cover art  for  EH's song "The Thunder" and motion graphic  for the music video "The Digital"

Designed to emphasize Elephant Heart's  high energy and even higher vibrations. 

Seven Teas Organic Tea Company

Physical and digital branding graphics for online and offline promotional marketing that align with Seven's essence and showcase the cosmic and connected  nature of the company. 

A Silent Reading Project: Fear of the Black Planet Short Film

Promotional artwork to showcase the progression of the film's emotional yet empowering  story line. 


All artwork on is available for purchase, Commissions  are open. please  click here for inquiries.