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coming 2023

Forgotten Blueprints

reimagining moorish architecture in modern times

“Forgotten Blueprints” is a visual thesis and immersive experience that aims to highlight the Moors’ influence across the world. In this experience we reimagine what Moorish architecture could be in modern times through the creation of artworks and visual interactions that shed light on a foundational element of society that's often overlooked.

Forgotten Blueprints_Image1.jpg

An ode to our ancestry, this project aims to incite discourse and ignite pride through the lens of theoretical design, critical thinking, and research. 


Mashrabiya (Wooden Balconies) captured all in Lima, Peru 

Inspired by a recent trip to Lima, Peru, we were made privy to an aspect of society that is often overlooked and under acknowledged: The Moors' influence on art and architecture. Within this city in South America with imagery of black people casually decorating religious spaces and museums we became enamored by this hidden aspect of history.

We were shocked to discover that many catholic and political buildings have adapted Moorish architectural techniques to its practicality, uses, and beauty. This fusion of paradoxes, catholic buildings with islamic accents, left a deep imprint on our psyche.


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