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Mirror Mirror Part 1

Updated: May 1, 2022

In this entry, I explore the idea that the Brain is a "Quantum Organ". I speculate that this theory can be used to reassess and reconstruct one's self perception.

Often times I ponder on what self perception consists of; it is a phenomena that Neuroscientists continuously debate over.

While some Neuroscientists believe self awareness is localized to certain cortexes of the brain;Others challenge this idea and describe it as a myriad of intertwined passages and pathways.

According to Alan Watts, the self or the "i" is the present moment of being. Yet why do we concoct false negative narratives of ourselves that are not grounded in current reality? Why do we find it hard to see the true nature in the present moment of this "i"?

I believe the brain is a "Quantum Organ"

I coined this term to describe the idea that the brain is both in the present, past, and future simultaneously. It almost seems like our brain is capable of time-travel. It is able to be in more than one place at a time, theoretically speaking. Yet our eyes can only perceive the immediate physical reality in front of us., The brain may be so complex that is not confined to solely exist in 3rd dimension.

It has the ability to allow us to "manifest" the reality we seek (well at-least the controllable aspects) or inch us closer to self-sabotage.

Think about it this way; The more you envision a certain goal, the more likely you are to work towards getting a goal, and the more likely you are to achieve it. This is because your actions place you closer to the reality in which you seek. You heighten the chances of executing more actions and choices that place you on this path. Soon everything starts to seem "aligned" Some call it magic, or manifestation, but I think in next few decades, scientists will have a better term to describe this phenomena.

Through our visions and decisions, we can attach our physical body to enact the steps needed for a desired outcome. The brain will automatically align us to that reality because it is present in all versions of reality, Hence why I call it a "Quantum Organ". I theorize that on a subconscious level, the brain has already made calculations on how to get to where it needs to go and how it needs to be in order to get there, wherever "there" is .

The answers we seek are hidden somewhere within these brain passages and may need to be unraveled and unlocked through a myriad of other actions and choices to get us there.

To be continued.

The ideas expressed in this entry are my own intellectual observations, theories, from my research, and understanding of the world. Not be taken as law or as a form of indoctrination.

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