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Out of Reach but Still in Sight

This entry will touch on heavy topics such as depression. I ask that you read with an open mind.

As I sit here and write this, I am currently submerged in sadness. It's easier on most days to flow and be the excitable and positive person I try to be.. But today not so much.

StillI, I mustered up the will to stay active mentally and physically. and channel it into this first entry.

I often beat myself up thinking "I should be so happy" " I should be grateful" but the older I get the more I realize that sadness doesn't have a criteria. Sadness comes when she wants, she lays a comfy bed and stays over like an old friend with no boundaries. I believe she is a symptom of suppressed anger, passive trauma, and internalized cynicism.

So I have decided that somedays I may have no control over Sadness, and she can come as she pleases. I only ask that she at least grants me the strength to create like she did this evening, when I created the piece you see above.

Don't worry, not every entry will be this heavy, but today this was my reality.

Thank you for reading this far.


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