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Dissolving Equanimity Tote Bag

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
  • A mental health series highlighting the internal battles of the mind.
    My hope is to help eliminate the shame surrounding mental imbalances like anxiety and depression, specifically in the creative community.

    Often times I feel as we only show the “highlight reels” of our lives. All of us have gone through so much in the past year. We need to normalize these conversations to curate a healthier community.

    10% of all profits will be donated to @namicommunicate an organization that provides support for those in need of guidance, and assists those who may not be able to afford therapy. They advocate passionately for mental health in our community.

    These pieces are an ode to self acceptance and self-determination.

  • High-quality Tote Bag with the print on the front and back.

    Made from reliable materials, lasting for seasons.

    .: 100% Polyester
    .: Boxed corners
    .: Black cotton handles
    .: Black lining

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