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Guided by imagination and the spirit of innovation, I seek to provoke thought and speak to  the  subconscious. My current areas of exploration are Afro Futurism, Ethics in Technology, and Psychology and Metaphysics. Through these interrelated spheres my goal is to create works that generate discourse, challenge assumptions, and leave viewers curious and viscerally engaged.


 My technical background is in Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.I was deeply fascinated by the computer and wanted to truly understand this artificial mind that we are creating and the possibilities that lay beyond  it. I craft evocative bodies of work through the fusion of art, motion design, and immersive technologies.


I am fortunate to be recognized both nationally and globally in notable spaces such as Carnegie Hall, and Vienna's Desiderio Gallery, and Red Door Gallery in Nigeria.


artist statement

From dreams to deep research, my work delves into the vast themes of metaphysics, the human condition, and the societal conflicts arising from technological advancements versus natural progression. Currently, I am exploring the potential plight of artificial intelligence and aim to spread awareness on the power and potency of our data. 


Using multi-media forms of expression, my goal is to communicate these complex theories and concepts in a way that speaks directly to the subconscious


Drawing on my diverse upbringing and background in computer science, I aim to convey these dense themes in a visually appealing manner that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression. The end result is a collection of work that defies convention and invites us to explore the very depths of our being.

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