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Creative Director



 I was born in Nigeria, raised in Ireland and am currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. I craft evocative bodies of work through the fusion of art, motion design, and immersive technologies. My technical background is in Computer Science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.


My current areas of exploration are Afro Futurism, Ethics in Technology, and Psychology and Metaphysics. Through these interrelated spheres my goal is to create works that generate discourse, challenge assumptions, and leave viewers curious and viscerally engaged.

I am fortunate to be recognized both nationally and globally in notable spaces such as Carnegie Hall, and Vienna's Desiderio Gallery, and Red Door Gallery in Nigeria.


" The mind is a medium and a dimensional well of possibilities, that is why I am deeply fascinated by the computer, and the possibilities that lay beyond  it. It's an artificial mind that we are creating, "

artist statement

From dreams to deep research, my work delves into the vast themes of metaphysics, the human condition, and technological advancements. Through multi-media forms of expression, I attempt to communicate dense theories and ideologies in a conceptual way that speaks to the mind.

Drawing from a fusion of my unique experiences through out my career, the end result has been a collection of work that invites us to explore the depths of our being.


Currently, I am exploring the conflicts that arise in technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality. My ultimate goal is carry the torch of advocacy in these areas by informing the public on the power and potency of all our data.


Interested in working with me?

 Commissions - Installations - Public Speaking - Workshops

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