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A Divine Journey into the Dimension of 

The  Pink Genie



The Dream

When the Cosmos called, I wasn’t ready;

I was still getting dressed. 

I was wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Decked in in my goals, my ideals, and  my opinions.

I was still smothered in the material world, chained to my self-perception.

But everyone knows that, when the Cosmos calls, you answer.

You jettison your perspectives and pacify your ego.

You seek no external validation instead you are fueled by internal affirmations.

You align yourself with the divine as you begin to see the signs. 

As you begin your multidimensional career, you realize time not linear.

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The Rescue

As the Star ship sank, tears raced down my cheeks and met with the water, now at chin level. Everything I ever knew vividly flashed before my eyes while I struggled to keep my body afloat. “Was this my faith? Did my creator bring me here just to die?“ I lamented as I felt my fear morph into intense sense of betrayal. I made it this far, a Seven hundred and seventy seven day journey, only for a crash landing to dispose of me so effortlessly. 

The water rapidly rushed in, getting higher and higher each breath I took. My demise was nano seconds away. As I began to accept my faith, a blinding light shone through the holes overhead. Suddenly I heard a robotic like sound as a tube lowered through the holes in the ceiling of the a ship. It blew a bubble onto my head and started spraying a warm rainbow colored fume through the bubble’s holographic surface —We had prototyped technology like this back on my home planet but nothing as sophisticated as this. 
The multicolored gas weaved it’s way up my nostrils causing my whole body to vibrate. 

My hearing became muffled and everything started to blur as the gas saturated the bubble. In this moment my fear dissipated, I felt nothing, a blankness void of emotion and perception. In this moment I felt separate from my existence; As though “I” no longer existed but every fiber of my being knew that “I” was not dead. To be continued. 

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The Fearless One Returns

When I awoke from my slumber, it felt like I had been asleep for a century. Immediately thoughts of my starship plagued my mind, but I couldn’t remember if my ship (  I nicknamed her Hathor)  survived the crash. I looked around me to locate Hathor's whereabouts, but all I saw was endless white surrounding me. I realized I was now on board a Cloud Ship. I toured one of these back on my home planet; They were large cloud shaped spaceships made from spider silk, H20,  and other chemicals that I was too young to remember.


  As I attempted to get up and investigate, a tall figure stormed into the room. 

 “No!” It yelled. It’s voice was melodic yet thunderous.    As it moved closer, I realized it was a feminine entity. Her hair flowed like the flames of the sun, her eyes glistened like crystals. Her  aura was like nothing I had ever seen on my home planet. It had colors that probably only existed in this dimension, she was the most beautiful  being I had ever seen, So beautiful it scared me. 

“Sit down, before I make you” I quickly bowed to the floor to indicate to her that I was not a threat. She laughed. Her laughter filled the white hallways and echoed for several seconds. “I come in peace I was just” I muttered. 

To be continued. 

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