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Karo Duro Art Exhibition at The Palace of Fine Arts

Updated: Apr 25

Artist Karo Duro was invited to create a pop-up art exhibition during Innovation Realized, hosted at the renown Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Welcome to realm suspended between time and space.

Here dwell the Windows of Wonder...

The Windows of Wonder is a speculative design installation that aims to evoke deeper discourse around the complexities of the human experience, and the invisible forces that shape our society.

As guests stepped into the Windows of Wonder, they were enveloped in a blend of immersive storytelling, technology, and dynamic sound design.

Each Window unveiled visions that depicted themes related to our relationship with technology.

Through a fusion of speculative design and world building, viewers resonated deeply with familiar themes; such as the potency and power of our personal data.

"Through visual metaphors, symbology, and intentional design, my aim is to reframe our relationship with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, to help expand our empathy"

Ambiance & Sound Design

An original sound design score was designed by Producer and Sound Designer Tomorrow Omari to align with theme of the exhibition.

The audio would gradually increase in sound to "lure" participants into the area.

Each time a participant entered the space a new instrumental would be played, as they walked through the exhibition, the soundscape would gradually change.

Listen to the serene sounds from the Windows of Wonder exhibition here:

By Producer and Sound Designer Tomorrow Omari  

An Intimate Experience

The exhibition's intimate yet inviting ambiance fostered a sense of fluidity and encouraged open dialogues, with some guests feeling comfortable to share personal thoughts.

Feedback ranged from the overall novelty of the experience to insights generated by observing the art pieces and interacting in the space. Each visitor had their own personal interpretation.

Overall, attendees were engaged by the creative depictions on display and made connections and parallels with the overall agenda for Innovation Realized 2024.

“Delightfully unexpected”

“It feels peaceful and serene, 

like a neutral space”

“Very impactful and moving”

“I really resonate with that character (in Data Rituals)

 So many options, so many paths to take...”

About Innovation Realized

Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco

"Innovation Realized" is a globally renowned conference hosted by EY, featuring top leaders from technology, academia, and business. Each year, executives and change makers come together under one roof to connect and rethink! This year's experience showcased leading AI activists and technologists, including Mark Tegmark and Holly Hernon.

Special Thanks:

EY Innovation Realized

Production: C2, EY


Gallery Photographs by AURORA KNIGHTS


Karo Duro

Artist, Technologist, Creative Director

What else have I been up to....?

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