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Karo Duro Public Art Installation in Downtown Atlanta

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

A surreal blend of technology, visual design, and storytelling.

In a time where our attention is constantly being fractured by distractions, “Windows of Wonder” invites us to pause and reflect.

Through leveraging interactive technologies, HD Screen displays are transformed into mesmerizing “Windows”.

The aim is to create unexpected connections between the content and the observer's state of mind. Evoking gentle moments of "synchronicity"

"Every encounter with the Windows of Wonder is personal. The mind acts as the interface, shaping the interpretation based on the specific moment of the encounter"

This installation is designed as a sanctuary, offering a break from the noise, transporting spectators into a space of awe and wonder...

Special Thanks:

In collaboration with AE Atlanta & Atlanta Downtown

Production Team: Aurora Knights

Promotional Photography: OA Ingram

For address/directions to visit:

130 Cone St. Atlanta Ga

Stay tuned to learn about the concept development and process behind this public art installation.


Thank you for reading :)

Karo Duro - Artist, Technologist, Creative Director

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